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From Spain.
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About me and my offer
The KING Of Recurring Based Affiliate Marketing + Make Money Online! Who Else Wants Access To My NEW HIGHLY RESPONSIVE List For The Promo Price Of Just 0.50? ✅Brand NEW To Udimi and Ready To Open Up A FRESH List Of 20,000+ Subscribers! ✅T1 80% -90% traffic from Buyers Countries US, UK, NZ, AU, CA ✅10% BONUS Clicks on every order I'm Alex, originally from the UK but moved to Spain in 2019, around then I started affiliate marketing so I could support myself financially in Spain. In just 12 months, I have built up an email list with over 20,000 subscribers and managed to build a $10,000 per month RECURRING affiliate business. I specialize in the Make Money Online market but specifically for recurring based affiliate models as I believe this is how you build a true digital asset that will pay you for life! Along the way, I have been a buyer of Solo Ads on Udimi and have often got 55% Optin rates! I am offering to review all Opt-in pages for FREE with every order! So don't be shy and give me a try :) I plan to stay in the Solo Ads game for the long run so my reputation is everything! I promise you excellent customer service and BIG results..
What Market Do You Specialize In?
Bizz Op, Make Money Online, SAAS Software, Membership Sites

If you are promoting a product that has a recurring based membership such as a page builder or monthly payment subscription then give me a try! 

My list is PRIMED for recurring based business models.
How Fast Can You Deliver My Clicks?
As soon as you order, I will set up the email and fire it off to my subscribers.

I am sensitive to the times I email my list so if you are focusing on a US market, the emails will go out at the perfect time based on my data.
Why Don't You Have Any Feedback Or Testimonials?
I joined Udimi on the 27th of October 2020.

I plan to stay in the Solo Ads game for the long run so don't worry! You will soon see the feedback after I get my first 10 orders :)
Are You Still Getting Fresh Subscribers?

On a daily basis I am adding 300 - 500 subscribers to my list and they are coming from Facebook, Youtube and Google search.
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73% United States
9% United Kingdom
8% Canada
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7% all the rest
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