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100% Tier 1 traffic. Endorsed by 6 to 7 Figure marketers. I have helped people profit and build their list with Solo Ads. Hit me up to benefit now.
Justice Igwe
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Can I Expect Any Opt-in?
Yes. With my traffic you will get 30-60% Opt-in, depending on your Opt-in page.
Can I Expect To Make A Sales?
Yes there is high possibility of getting sales from my traffic. Depends on your offer. But it is not Guaranteed.
Do You Accept Email Verification Orders?
Yes I do, but your opt-in rate will be lower. You can place order if you are happy with that.
Do You Accept Direct Sale Page Order?
I will recommend sending to your simple opt-in page first. Then follow up with your autoresponder to get sale.
Do You Provide Desktop Clicks?
Yes. Mobile is better as most people are on the go.
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