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About me and my offer
I have been working in the online marketing game for several years...and now I am willing to help others with high-quality fresh traffic. Even though I require a 3-day lead time, many times I am able to start delivery within 24 hours. Under-promise — Over-deliver is my standard. I work best with MMO, Biz-op, and IM offers. I do work well with Clickbank, however, I will encourage you to create a bridge page so you can collect the email address and follow up with a 3-5 day sequence. Special bonus - for orders of 500 or more, I will write a custom follow-up email sequence for you...just ask in the DM after you place your order.
I am a newbie. Can you help me with my lander?
For sure!  My goal is to help you be as successful as possible.  Drop me an IM with your lander and I will give you some feedback based on my years of experience.
Do I need to write the email?
You can, however, I would suggest against it.  My list knows my tone and reacts best to me.  If you want to provide anything, I will take it as a suggestion and will work parts into my own copy.
Why don't you accept orders with a specific start date?
It simply comes down to this: I want to give you the best experience I can.  When I have the freedom to start delivering early, I'm able to plan out my campaigns, so they can provide you the best results.  You may place the order with a specific start date, but it won't be accepted.