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Pallab Ghosal
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About me
Multiple 6 figure a year affiliate marketer. Premium quality traffic that
converts into LEADS and SALES. My list is filled with buyer's who are
CONDITIONED To BUY. Allow me to use my high sales conversion skills
to get you more sales & streams of income with your business opportunities.

In case you want to me have a look at your capture page, sales funnel
or follow up emails drop me a message along with your order.

Although my traffic has one of the highest click to sales conversion
rate in the industry; still it does not guarantee sales with every run
of yours.

✅ 90%+ top tier traffic guaranteed
✅ My list is conditioned to buy from you
✅ One of the top affiliates...not a mere list builder or solo ads seller
✅ 10% Over delivery min.
✅ Fresh subs Added Every Day
✅ Funnel consultation done for free
✅ My list is making me 6 figures+ per year in affiliate commissions

How is your traffic different from other SOLO Ads sellers?
Well...first of all i am a multiple 6 figure affiliate marketer & not a mere SOLO Ads seller. As a result my list is pretty much conditioned to buy.

I use my affiliate marketing skills like offering BONUSES...pre selling the offer & copy writing skills to derive more sales & conversions.
How fresh is your list?
I am adding fresh highly targeted subscribers every single day to my list so that you always get the best.
Do I have to provide email swipe?
I would recommend NOT to provide any swipe. As i know my list better than anyone else & will be tweaking it according to your offer. I will also be doing split testing of subject if required.
Does your list comprise of buyers?
You bet. It is filled with money hungry buyers.
Will i get a traffic report?
Of course, you will be provided with a detailed traffic report once the traffic is over.
Can you guarantee sales?
Though i am known industry wide for generating sales. However, I cannot guarantee sales as there are too many factors at play. This includes but not limited to the offer you gave, website design and wordings, product you are offering.
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Steve Sison
Great run. Cool seller. Thank you very much.
Udimi stats: Delivered 300 out of 300 visitors
26 May 2022
No sales
Yatendra Yadav
Really The Traffic of this Man Pallab is of next level. I Got Sale and planning to Order Big Traffic Around 4 order of 1000 Clicks this week.
Udimi stats: Delivered 50 out of 50 visitors
21 Jan 2022
No sales
Glenn Fedoruk
Terrific Run Pallab 33% optin and 2 sales . Thanks again!
Udimi stats: Delivered 300 out of 300 visitors
20 Jan 2022
Got sales
Bob Eldridge
Effective communication and fast delivery.
Udimi stats: Delivered 100 out of 100 visitors
20 Jan 2022
No sales
John Radice
Pallab, I want to thank you for taking such a personal interest in my success. This is the first time I felt I was working with someone who was truly interested in me being successful and not how much money I would spend. It is without hesitation I will recommend you to anyone serious and committed to online marketing. I look forward to a long term business relationship.
Udimi stats: Delivered 300 out of 300 visitors
21 Nov 2020
N/A sales
Trevor Evans
Very Good Solo and looking forward to doing more in the future Thanks Pallab
Udimi stats: Delivered 103 out of 100 visitors (+3%)
6 Sep 2018
No sales