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Pär Ivan Klevenskog
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About me
Hi there,
My Name is Pär Klevenskog and I’m a full-time Internet Marketer and Digital Entrepreneur. Since 2017 I have been building my list and working on the relationship with subscribers. During that time I was able to gain the trust of millions of internet marketers, enthusiasts, and information seekers.

I helped plenty of loyal subscribers to become successful in Internet Marketing and make successful businesses online. My close connection with my subscribers is the main feature that differs my traffic from all other on the market.

Experience my leads for yourself and try out my service

Fresh Subscribers Added Daily - High T1-100%+ (Top 5=US,CA,UK,IE,AU,NZ) -
10% OD and QUICK Deliveries

Quality Traffic With Buyers. Works well with - MMO, Crypto, BIZop,
Yoonla, SAN, Work from home

I sell Premium Traffic with Premium Clicks, and will provide a ClickMagic link for followup
Do you accept "no mobile" orders?
Yes I do =)
How do i change my link or swipe?
In order to change your swipe text or link you need to access your bought solo and make necessary changes there, unfortunately i can’t do them from my end. Click on "MY SOLOS" to the left menu. At top center you will see 3 options "ALL, BOUGHT or SOLD". Click in under bought.

- open the solo you wish to change
- switch to INFO section
- click red button "Change link" or "Change ad text" at the bottom right
- make changes and save them
- click "Send changes to seller"
How do i leave a testimonial?
In order to submit a testimonial follow these steps:

- Click on ”ORDERS” to the left menu.
- At top center you have "ALL, BOUGHT or SOLD". Click on bought.
- Open the solo you wish to leave a testimonial on.
- You are now on ”STATS” page. Scroll down to the middle on page.
- There you should see an box where you can leave your testimonial,
and REMEMBER to mark i got sales ASAP when you received any.
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William Wheeler
No Sales but a great opt-in for my follow-up
Udimi stats: Delivered 210 out of 200 visitors (+5%)
21 May 2021
No sales
Rehab Alzhrani
He did his job fast !! I will deal with him gain Recommended
Udimi stats: Delivered 55 out of 50 visitors (+10%)
1 May 2021
No sales
Good solos and a good opt-in rate.
Udimi stats: Delivered 110 out of 100 visitors (+10%)
18 Apr 2021
No sales
Reuben Glover
Super Excellent delivery! I received over +30 Optins and 6 sales from this provider, (using my offer of course).. thank you so much I will be back again shortly thank you, thank you, thank you
Udimi stats: Delivered 110 out of 100 visitors (+10%)
12 Apr 2021
Got sales
James Roger Williams
Very nice solo AD. I will order again.
Udimi stats: Delivered 80 out of 75 visitors (+7%)
7 Apr 2021
No sales
Reuben Glover
High Amount of Optins, Yes I Did Make 2 Sales (for MY offer) after fixing a mistake on my Capture Page! After that leads started pouring in!! Thx soo much
Udimi stats: Delivered 55 out of 50 visitors (+10%)
7 Apr 2021
Got sales
Keith Tracy
Good solo
Udimi stats: Delivered 220 out of 200 visitors (+10%)
1 Apr 2021
No sales
Vkaa Llc
Good solo
Udimi stats: Delivered 215 out of 200 visitors (+8%)
18 Mar 2021
N/A sales
Excellent!!! Soooooo many optins and have Sales.
Udimi stats: Delivered 185 out of 175 visitors (+6%)
16 Mar 2021
Got sales
Great job!!! Soooooo many optins even not yet got sales. I will buy another 100 clicks immediately.
Udimi stats: Delivered 110 out of 100 visitors (+10%)
15 Mar 2021
N/A sales