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Just starting out on Udimi, very responsive leads at a discounted price. Over 90% Tier one clicks!! P.S: Price goes up with reviews!
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About me and my offer
New with fresh and very responsive tier one Leads!! I am just going to allow my reviews to speak for me so join the ride! Everything says slow because I am starting small on here to test the waters before increasing my click maximum.
Make MoneyOnline
Do you Accept "No Mobile" traffic offers?
No, I cannot accept No Mobile traffic Orders. 80% of the traffic today on the web is mobile and so doing 0% mobile in my orders is not possible. We can work something out for a little bit lower mobile percentage.
How many leads do you add dally to your List?
I add about 1000 leads to my list on a daily basis. Also any subscriber who does not open my email for 14 days is deleted. This ensures those who see your offer are currently in the state of mind to engage with your offer
What kind of offers work well with your list?
Offers in the space of make money online, biz-opp, MLM and crypto work well with my traffic

I do not do health or weight loss offers
Traffic tier?
My traffic is min 90% tier 1 and can easily do 100% T1.