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Daniel Prissick
From Canada.
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Thanks for checking out my profile. I have been in the Internet Marketing business for 5 years, providing traffic privately, buying traffic and converting affiliate offers (mainly Warrior Plus, Clickbank, JV Zoo and the larger MLM type programs). I can deliver top quality traffic to your offers, when you buy from me your offer will go out to the same lists that bring me daily affiliate commissions: - All my leads are "double subscribed" so right off the bat they are warm prospects. - Leads have all gone through a process where they are positioned for conversions. - Adding 500-1000 new leads per day to keep the lists fresh. - All leads are top tier, US, CA, UK, AU. - NO games, NO bots or any of the other tricks. I can only send to opt-in pages, webinars and offers of that nature, not stand alone sales pages. If you need help with your opt-in page, funnel or offer let me know and I'll be happy to assist.
Warrior Plus
Top Tier
Do you over deliver on clicks?
Yes, I send a minimum of 15% over delivery with each order.
When will my order start?
If your offer is a good fit, traffic will start within 24 hours. Usually less.
Will you help with my landing page?
Yes, I can help you with your landing page, opt-in page or funnel to maximize conversions.
Can you write the email ad copy?
Yes, I write all the swipes files (email ad copy) as I know my lists best and what they will respond too. I can also give you a bunch of proven email follow up swipes to use for your campaign.
What is the average opt-in rate of your traffic?
My lists on average see a 35-65% opt-in rate depending on the offer. Most usually fall somewhere in the middle.
Are buyers lists included?
Yes, buyers lists are included with each order. *See image above.
Will I get sales?
No one can "guarantee sales", but I CAN guarantee access to my fresh, high-quality converting leads. The same ones I use daily to bring in consistent affiliate commissions.
Which niche or market works best with your lists?
Primarily focused on make money online, business opportunities, MLM, crypto and network marketing offers.
How are your lists built?
My lists are built from my own product sales, workshops, media buys, webinars and social platforms. Adding 500-1000 leads daily.
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92% United States
3% Canada
2% United Kingdom
3% all the rest
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