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Ted Nelson
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Viral Success Network
Excellent buyer! I appreciate your business.
Udimi stats: Received 343 out of 300 visitors (+14%)
1 Mar 2018
William McRea
Udimi stats: Received 103 out of 100 visitors (+3%)
23 Aug 2016
John Coburn
A pleasure to work with thanks
Udimi stats: Received 55 out of 50 visitors (+10%)
16 Aug 2016
Mark Jameson
Thank you for your business Ted- hope it converted well for you and I'd be happy to see you back again - Best, Mark
Udimi stats: Received 107 out of 100 visitors (+7%)
4 Dec 2015
Malik Trotman
Udimi stats: Received 117 out of 100 visitors (+17%)
17 Aug 2015
No rating given
Vincent Craine
Thanks Ted. Hope you did well, let me know-please rate me. Vince
Udimi stats: Received 62 out of 100 visitors (-38%)
17 Aug 2015
Desmond Akil Smith
Thanks Ted, I hope you got a great results!
Udimi stats: Received 242 out of 200 visitors (+21%)
17 Aug 2015