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Back after a couple years away. I've done 5 excellent product launches on ClickBank & Warrior+ . This new buyer list is awesome 95% y up to 10% OD
William McRea
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Top 5 in March 2019 for sales
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United States, Riverside. Time: 16:51
I just spent 3 years launching Clickbank and Warrior plus offers to rebuild my list.
95+% TIER 1 Traffic + 10% over delivery. ALL orders will start on the
requested date unless we are permitted to start early. My list consist
of 95% T1 Countries

All leads are tracked in our proprietor linking system so your offers
are never seen by the same list member more then once. So you can
expect consistent optin rates on repeat business even if you are
promoting the same offer repeatedly. We appreciate and thank our many
repeat customers :)
Can You Change My LINK for Me
Sorry Udimi create a custom link for sell to mail and WE CANNOT CHANGE IT FOR YOU. You however can make that change.

Go to your My Solos menu, and then select the solo booking that you want to make changes. The you can edit your swipe with your new link. Once you've done that, click the Send Changes To Seller button and that will send a notification to the seller to approve the change.
Do you sell Desktop Only?
Yes I do. Select the NO MOBILE option when placing your order. I am happy to fill any size order.
Do you promote sales letters?
NO I do not. This never works out well for my clients or me. Please build a list and promote multiple products to your list. Look at list building and a FUNNEL ROI not on generating immediate sales from a solo ad. I NOT PLAY GAMES or incentivize buyers to give FAKE positive reviews.
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Drew Laughlin
Good mailing! 17.58% conversions with 2 sales.
Udimi stats: Delivered 357 out of 350 visitors (+2%)
22 Nov 2021
Got sales
Always fast delivery; ordered 300 clicks + received OD; with 44% opt-in rate; some great leads to follow up with; would definitely recommend this traffic
Udimi stats: Delivered 325 out of 300 visitors (+8%)
21 Nov 2021
N/A sales
Mark James Barrett
Good solo
Udimi stats: Delivered 545 out of 500 visitors (+9%)
18 Nov 2021
Got sales
Maurice Williams
Good solo
Udimi stats: Delivered 110 out of 100 visitors (+10%)
16 Nov 2021
Got sales
Italia Or Linda Elze
Great solo..great delivery..thank you
Udimi stats: Delivered 135 out of 125 visitors (+8%)
16 Nov 2021
No sales
Good solo
Udimi stats: Delivered 135 out of 125 visitors (+8%)
5 Nov 2021
No sales
Steven Howell
Good solo
Udimi stats: Delivered 110 out of 100 visitors (+10%)
15 Apr 2020
No sales
Gregory Bonds
Very Good . Do you have email for marketing online
Udimi stats: Delivered 410 out of 375 visitors (+9%)
9 Apr 2020
N/A sales
John Kwangaba
Delivered fast and 10% over-delivery.
Udimi stats: Delivered 110 out of 100 visitors (+10%)
9 Apr 2020
No sales
Kevin Laidlaw
Good solo delivery, will order again.
Udimi stats: Delivered 220 out of 200 visitors (+10%)
21 Sep 2019
N/A sales