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Kujtim Guga
From Albania.
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As a savvy marketer, I’m sure you’re well aware of how you can easily lose your shirt by investing in solo ads. But – get it right - and you’ve truly struck GOLD and can look forward to an absolute treasure trove of laser-targeted, highly motivated leads that will repay your trust in your solo ad provider many times over. Then you can re-invest your profits for even more of the same, enjoying even more opt-ins and sales. But there’s a problem. And it’s a PRETTY BIG ONE. Because how can you BE CERTAIN your prospective solo ad supplier is the real deal BEFORE you invest your hard-earned money on the strength of their promise to bring home the bacon for you? Simple: Find out what their previous clients are saying about THEIR results BEFORE you risk a single red cent. And, if they can’t provide that VITAL PROOF – move on to another supplier. Hi… my name is Kujtim Guga and I’M RIGHTLY PROUD of the stunning results I consistently achieve for my valued clients. So I make it easy for you to examine their experiences and confirm I’M THE REAL DEAL by getting their genuine reactions on video. For example, here’s Naomi Keefe in Singapore, who is delighted to find she received a flood of highly qualified leads, which resulted in many opt-ins and even instant SALES. And she was EVEN MORE DELIGHTED when my review of her sales funnel helped increase its effectiveness. That same review of your sales funnel is a bonus you too can enjoy as a new client. Next up is Peter Palmiotto, who was very pleased with the quality of the visitors he received, a massive 93% of which are in Tier One countries, such as the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. He was also very happy to receive extra MORE names over and above the number he ordered completely free of charge. Even more interesting is when he brings up his calculator and shows you the impressive numbers he enjoyed… Like many of my valued clients, John Weir is very impressed with the responsiveness of the names I consistently send him, which is why he’s a regular repeat client always coming back for more. And then there is Daniel Baxter, who reports that - after many disappointments and money lost on other people’s promises - he NOW makes consistent profits with MY solo ads, so much so he has recovered all the money he lost on bad solo ads and is now able to fund his car payments and buy real estate with his consistent profits from MY solo ads… I’ll leave the final word to Gayle Impey, who is just about to order some more names from me. You’d have to go a long way to find a MORE GENUINE endorsement than that. So, if you want to join Naomi… Peter… John… Daniel and Gayle and all my other delighted clients, enjoying the TRUE PEACE OF MIND that ONLY comes from knowing your investment in paid traffic is SOLID GOLD ensuring a continuous, laser-targeted stream of highly responsive visitors flooding your website or blog, then click the button below this video so I can start sending you some of my golden nuggets as well.
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On the date you selected or earlier if I have an empty spot.
I entered the wrong url, how can I change it?
It's very simple

If your solo hasn’t started yet, open it and click Change ad text link on Info tab and then click Send Changes to Seller. 

Please note that I am not responsible if you provide incorrect link. If the mailing has already started, you can follow the same procedure, but if I am not able to stop the mailing, the loss is completely on you.
I don't have a swipe/ad text
Don't worry, I will write one for you if you do not have a swipe/ad text.All you have to do is to provide your link/url.
Can you deliver Desktop Only ?
Yes, up to 200 clicks per order.
What tier one percentage will I receive?
70% tier one unless you upgrade to "Tier one only", then it is 100% tier one.
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90% United States
4% Canada
1% Australia
5% all the rest
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