Udimi Click Filter
1 Jan 2016 - 18 Aug 2017. Updated once in 24 hours.
Useless clicks filtered
103 340 000+
Fraudsters banned
Fraud clicks filtered
152 201 000+
Money saved for our Buyers
$160 990 830+

Udimi Click Filter Saves Your…

  1. Money: you don’t pay for junk or useless traffic
  2. Nerves: you get automatic refund, if anything goes wrong
  3. Time: delivery timeframe is the same for all sellers. You will always get all clicks on time!

Udimi Filter Is Way Above Anything
On The Market Today!

because of five simple facts…

Fact 1: Filter is not a Counter

Click counters just track everything they catch. Some of them even have a primitive filter, but that filter won’t work even in theory…

Because it counts traffic on sites within different niches and different visitor categories. Just try to imagine how traffic data from a porn site can help you to seed out useless clicks on bakery site?

Traffic counter is just a script and it doesn’t know what niche it is being used on. It doesn’t know which type of visitors it counts. This is why all its data is irrelevant across different users and has zero value to them.

Udimi has own internal tracker that is used only for solo ads and only on Udimi.

Fact 2: It takes at least 1000 clicks to determine traffic quality

Nobody wants to pay $650 for 1000 clicks just to understand whether the traffic is good or not.

Udimi does that for you, because all traffic goes through our filter and the system analyzes it across all buyers. This way we know traffic quality of every seller and can filter it perfectly for every buyer.

Fact 3: We are directly interested in traffic quality

We sell clicks and it’s our business.

If our sellers will deliver junk traffic, we will simply lose all buyers.

This is why interests of our buyers are our own interests. And traffic quality is top interest of the buyers that we protect with all forces we have.

Fact 4: EIGHT years of solo ads experience

Udimi grown from successful Safe-Swaps ad swap resource. We took all experience and grew it even more. Constant growth of Udimi is a sign that we do everything correctly in terms of traffic quality and buyer experience.

Fact 5: We even buy fake traffic just to blacklist these clicks for buyers

Under fictive names, we buy thousands of clicks from fake traffic providers. They don’t know we are Udimi. After all fake clicks were delivered, we mark them as fraud inside the system and filter for all buyers, saving them thousands of dollars.

Any seller, who sends this traffic to our buyers, gets quick ban. Read a story about Manny Hernandez, a blatant scam who tried to sell his fake traffic on Udimi and instantly got banned.

We do this on daily basis and we have the best anti-click-fraud database on the net!

How Udimi Click Filter Works?

Udimi made quite a few revolutionary changes that became a standard for solo mailing industry. One of these changes is a way we count traffic. Udimi is the only traffic counter which filters useless traffic. No click tracker will give you that option. Maximum you'll get is bot traffic ignored only.

Three Types of Traffic:

  1. Non-human (bot) traffic
  2. Human traffic
  3. Human, but useless traffic

How Can Real Human Traffic Be Useless?

1. Click Rings
Some people unite to make money clicking each other's links. All click trackers will count such traffic as legitimate, because it is real human traffic. But these people will never do anything on your site.

2. Traffic Exchanges
Some website owners visit other sites in exchange to get visitors back from people alike. This traffic is useless. Scams add paid links to traffic exchange sites and use them the same way as click rings, but traffic exchange users don't even know they help scams to steal money.

3. "Three Seconds" Visitors
Sometimes people click your link in a mistake or close their browser even before the site is loaded.

4. Outdated Technologies
Your site will not work in a browser from 1995. That's fact. We don't know why some people are using so old browsers, but our stats show they never buy anything.

5. Useless Countries
From our experience, visitors from some countries never buy anything, but they eagerly participate in click fraud, hacking and ddos attacks. You don't want these people on your site.

Udimi is the only click tracking solution you can trust when you buy a solo mailings. There is no traffic counter on the web that comes even close to Udimi, just because they do not ignore useless traffic.

Their Business: Count Everything and Junk
Udimi Business: Count Quality Visitors Only

Traffic counters try to count everything they can. They are trying to catch as much as they can and then give it to you. It is impossible to seed out fake traffic from hundreds or even thousands of clicks. For example, Google has Analytics counter, but it doesn't filter useless traffic. And they also have click filter in Adwords system to filter fraud traffic automatically, but they don't allow you to use it.

Filters that are available on other trackers:

  1. Bots, search engines, email harvesters, worms, ping/uptime monitoring/archiving visits
  2. Duplicate clicks from the same person

Filters that are available on Udimi only:

  1. Click ring visitors filtering
  2. Fake optins filtering
  3. Fraud sales filtering
  4. Fake testimonials filtering
  5. Multiple names blocking
  6. High refund rate blocking

How Filtering Works?

Here is how Udimi system filters the traffic. All clicks pass following filters:

  1. Detection of black hat technologies (frames, 1px images, etc)
  2. Detection of user with no Javascript
  3. Check against anonymous proxy database
  4. Open proxy detection and real IP detection
  5. System gathers info about the user: screen size, browser, operating system version...
  6. System creates fingerprint of the user and removes duplicates
  7. Detection of bots, worms and other non-human device >
  8. Black list checks: URIBL, SpamHaus, SORBS, SpamCop
  9. Geolocation
  10. Connection type checks
  11. ISP check and organization name detection

After all these filters, your traffic goes to real stats

To see all filtered clicks, open your solo Stats screen and select Useless traffic section stats and you'll see all filtered traffic with filtration reason for every click.

Udimi Filter

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