Buy solo ads

Solo ads is one of the most effective ways to get traffic to your site. Let’s describe on example how it works.

Let’s imagine you sell weight loss courses and you need some new subscribers and customers.

You go to Udimi and find a person, let’s call him Mike. Mike has a mail list, YouTube channel, Instagram and a blog about weight loss. This person gives advices to own auditory and they listen to him. He is an authority for them as he tells about the best stuff and practices.

Now you add your ad text, link to your site and place an order with Mike for the number of clicks you need. Mike reviews what you sell and approves your order.

Next Mike sends your ad text to his subscribers from own name, with own comments and own signature. Since Mike is an opinion making person, his subscribers will visit your site and buy your product, if it is good enough.

At the end everybody wins:

  • You get new subscribers and customers
  • Mike gets payment for his promo
  • Mike’s subscribers buy useful product from you.

Udimi is a place where you can meet thousands of “Mikes” from the example above. Sellers are always looking for good content and solid products to keep their own lists warm and make own subscribers happy.

Buying process is very simple and protected on every step to guarantee a positive experience for everybody. Learn more here: how to buy solo ads on Udimi