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Highly focus on PD and MMO niches, 90% tier 1 traffic, and 10% OD for every order.
From Singapore.
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About me and my offer
Hi, my name is Eddy, and thank you for clicking on my profile. Welcome to the IM world of traffic. Before I start, I would like to give you a simple education about what is traffic? Like any other business such as F&B, retail shop, or even renting our properties for income, we need people to find us. With the best foods, products, location but if no one knows, it will be almost impossible to make a sale. Hence it is the same in the online world where we need traffic and here are solo ads, one of the online traffic sources. I learned IM from my mentor Shawn Josiah who brought me into the IM world. He has taught me the legit way to be an internet marketer where I am doing it full time now. My focus in the PD and MMO niches where I build them and my list size is currently 30,000 strong. Feel free to ask me any IM questions you have and I will do my best to share and explain to you. Do consider running some traffic with me and see you.
What is your focus niche?
I am in the PD and MMO niches.
How long do you take to deliver the traffic?
All traffic will be delivered within 14 days of purchase and we want some time to track the results and make necessary changes if the opt-in rates are low.
What is your list size?
At this point, is about 30,000 strong.
Where do you get your traffic source?
Facebook and solo ads.
Do I provide you with my swipe or you will provide?
Both are fine with me and I will always run through your swipe and landing page before I send out. If there is anything that I feel is not right, I will inform you.