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50%+ SALES Reported! 5-15% OD, 85-100%T1, Buyers Included! See the Testimonials in my Profile. 10 Years in SoloAds & Thousands of Satisfied Customers!
From Moldova.
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Welcome to Liviu Solo Ads here on Udimi! I'm pleased to meet you and serve you with quality traffic. I offer traffic services for the Make Money Online, Online BizOpps, Work from Home niche. * DISCLAIMER: Since solo ads is a list building service first, a squeeze/leads-capture/email opt-in page is required for all solo ad orders. Orders with a direct link to an offer, without going to a squeeze/leads-capture/email opt-in page first, will be rejected. ** We do guarantee that all your ordered traffic (plus over-delivery) will be sent in full. ***Even though many of our customers report great conversions and sales, we don't guarantee sales or any particular conversion rate, because we can't control people's actions. We don’t know when will our subscribers purchase or convert. We make sales on a daily basis and that’s how we know that we have PROVEN BUYERS. Our results don’t mean that anyone will get the same or similar results. It only means that our traffic buys and converts. Thank you so much for your business! I'm pleased to serve you with quality traffic and great service! ....................................................................................................................................................................... Hi! I'm Lewis Liviu Ungureanu. Thank you for visiting my page! I started my online journey along with my solo ad business in 2013, when joined Igor Kheifets' students group. Since then, I served hundreds of satisfied and returning customers and drove millions of clicks worldwide. I always do my very best to deliver to my customers more than what they paid for. I truly believe that's the right way to build a long-term business relationship based on high quality services, trust, mutual advantage and overall satisfaction. In my offline world I'm a happy husband and blessed father of two princesses ;). I worked over 20 years in local radio industry, as a Radio DJ, music director, Radio CEO and more. Nowadays I run couple businesses in marketing, voice over for radio and TV advertising, event planning. I look forward to working with you and providing you with my very best services! Warmest regards, Liviu Ungureanu
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Ryan Tidwell
27 Sep 2023
Good solo ad! No sales yet.. 21% of clicks became new subscribers & they are now in my 90 day email automation sequence which is further promoting the offer! Recommend!
Udimi stats: Delivered 331 out of 300 visitors (+10%)
No sales
Michael Petty
18 Sep 2023
Great traffic
Udimi stats: Delivered 83 out of 75 visitors (+11%)
PL Helms
17 Sep 2023
Good solo
Udimi stats: Delivered 136 out of 125 visitors (+9%)
Steve Laycock
15 Sep 2023
Out of 342 unique visitors (incuding 42 extras), I received 60 opt-ins (18%). Not bad!
Udimi stats: Delivered 323 out of 300 visitors (+8%)
Eshean Butler
14 Sep 2023
Thanks, Liviu traffic was great still waiting for the sales
Udimi stats: Delivered 321 out of 300 visitors (+7%)
No sales
May Taylor
10 Sep 2023
Good solo, thank you.
Udimi stats: Delivered 111 out of 100 visitors (+11%)
Eshean Butler
1 Sep 2023
Thanks, Liviu, The campaign was wonderful lots of opt-ins and 2 upgrades to membership.
Udimi stats: Delivered 215 out of 200 visitors (+8%)
Got sales
31 Aug 2023
I ordered 200 clicks and received 223. This solo ad generated 54 new leads and 1 sale so far. Good traffic source!
Udimi stats: Delivered 223 out of 200 visitors (+12%)
Got sales
31 Aug 2023
Good solo, many leads, thanks
Udimi stats: Delivered 115 out of 100 visitors (+15%)
No sales
Irfan Shah
31 Aug 2023
Awesome service, highly recommend, got no sales yet but 20 % opt-in rate for a newbie like me using traffic for his first ever lead page, shows quality engaging traffic, will do more collaborations in near future.
Udimi stats: Delivered 81 out of 75 visitors (+8%)
No sales