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My traffic is for Make Money Online and BizOp MMO only. Will not send traffic to CPA offers. Now offering - No Mobile and Top Tier clicks.
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About me
My traffic is 90-95% Tier 1 traffic, very little Tier 2.

I will only send traffic to Opt In page.

The offer you are promoting has to be Make Money Online or BizOp MMO.

I will not send traffic to CPA offers.

Now offering - NO Mobile and Top Tier Clicks.
Can I get 50 clicks?
Yes. I'm currently testing the Udimi platform out and using my own built list to deliver you the best quality emails.
How fast will my clicks come and do you guarantee sales?
No one will guarantee sales (at least no one that is honest!!). I will do my best to fulfill your order in a timely manner.
How long will it take to see clicks?
I will try to get your order started within ~24 hrs, and usually a lot sooner.
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