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My traffic is all MMO and BizOp Traffic. Health traffic costs more - so ask me!
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My traffic is 100% Tier 1 traffic, very little Tier 2. You'll get 15-20% over for every order.

My last order I delivered 99% USA T1 traffic to the buyer.
Can I get 50 clicks?
Sure, but it's not really worthwhile doing 50. I set the minimum to 100. That is only $40 for 100 clicks. (at my current $0.40 per click)
How fast will my clicks come and do you guarantee sales?
No one will guarantee sales (at least no one that is honest!!).

The clicks will come in order that you buy and where you are in the overall rotation. Some people get 175 clicks in 1 hour (like an order I had today).

Sometimes it could take 2 days to get say 300 clicks.
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