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My last few customers have all had sales. Opt-In rate of 30-60%. High Quality T1 Traffic. Very Responsive Email List. What are you waiting for?
Nuclear Inbox
From United States.
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About me and my offer
No waiting around for my traffic. I can start traffic within ~24 hours. My traffic is 95%-100% Tier 1 traffic. I will only send traffic to the Opt-In page. I will NEVER send to a page with NO Opt-In form! Nor will I send traffic to a sales page disguised as an opt in page where the button takes you to a page to pay money and also give your email/contact information. That will not work or end well for both parties. You won't be happy and that is definitely not the way to use solo ads (or someone sold you bad information!). The offer you are promoting has to be Make Money Online or BizOp MMO. I will not send traffic to CPA offers. For an extra cost, I now offer NO Mobile and Top Tier Clicks.
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Can I get 50 clicks?
Select the "only mobile" additional fee to get 50 clicks. If you don't check the "only mobile" checkbox, I will reject your order for 50 clicks.
How fast will my clicks come and do you guarantee sales?
No one will guarantee sales (at least no one that is honest!!). I will do my best to fulfill your order in a timely manner.
How long will it take to see clicks?
I will try to get your order started within ~24 hrs, and usually a lot sooner.
How do I get sales with these leads?
That answer is very simple. You have to email them. You have to have a follow-up series in place after the opt-in. You need to send them to a thank you or bridge page first. The money is in the list, but you have to engage with your list.
Do you look at my landing page?
100% I will view your landing page. I may even opt-in to see where the next page in your funnel is. I will flat out refuse your order if you send me to a non-opt-in page. This traffic isn't to see your page full of ads. Yes, some person actually has tried that and kept buying and I kept rejecting. :)
Will you send clicks to a sales page?
No. That is not the point of Solo Ads. If you have been told that this page is an opt in page, yet it's longer than most content I've written in the past week, and the button takes you to another page where you have to "pay to be a member" AND give your info, well that is not an opt in page.

Any page that you think is an opt in page but you don't collect the email address is NOT an opt in page and I will not send clicks to it. It's a waste of your money and waste of my time as you'll be not happy about the solo ad campaign.
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