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Upgrade your account to Prime and you can gain access to a whole range of extra features. You may cancel anytime in one click from My Prime page
Visitor recordings
$290 / month value!

Udimi will automatically capture every visitor that visits your website and create a "recording" of what they did. You can watch every click, scroll, move and more to find out how visitors are truly using your website.

Our system even works on dynamic or member's only pages out-of-the-box, without any additional or complicated setup. You can pause, play, speed, skip idle activity and jump to any page of the visitor's session.

Advanced optin tracking
$30 / month value
Advanced optin tracking

Basic optin tracking that is included in a free account has very limited functionality.

It tracks only Udimi traffic and ignores the rest of your site’s visitors. With Prime upgrade this limit will be lifted, giving you the total picture.

In addition, you’ll get a higher limit of 25 000 tracked and recorded hits per month.

Heatmaps and attention maps
$30 / month value!
Heatmaps and attention maps

Beautiful heatmaps that show you how people read and interact with your site.

Enjoy using a heatmap as dynamic as your own website. Clicks, moves, and scroll depth Instantly see what users did through multiple metrics. Watch the heatmap update in real time Switch pages, toggle dropdowns, open popups. Take a screenshot, save and share your heatmaps with others.

Free Prime filter
30% economy on your solos
Free Prime filter

We offer a great click filter for all Udimi users out-of-the-box. Our filter is an innovative and bespoke solution which is based on 12-years of experience in this industry and analysis of millions of data points.

With Prime Membership, you will get advanced filtering on all your solos on top of base filtering. Our upgraded click filter uses advanced technologies to remove more useless visits and save you even more money.

Doubled affiliate payments
50% payments from Primes
Doubled affiliate payments

The Udimi Affiliate Program pays 25% for all Prime subscriptions of your referrals. If you are Prime yourself, we will double this payment to 50%.

This means only two Prime members are needed to pay for your own Prime account!

Be sure to get Prime as early as possible to guarantee that all your referrals bring you 50%.

Profile view stats
See who visits your profile
Profile view stats

Especially useful for sellers who are looking for a way to increase sales on Udimi!

See exactly who visited your profile, how they found you and how many times they’ve visited you.

This will help you understand how to improve your profile on Udimi and get more paying buyers.

Increased click log storage
Raw click log doesn’t go to archive
Increased click log storage

With our standard accounts, detailed historical data remains available only for a couple of months. Afterwards the system archives the data and only the overview is available.

With Prime status you retain access to all data over the lifetime of your account, down to the individual clicks.

Profile badge
Respect from other members
Respect from other members

Last, but not least. A profile badge gives you more respect from other members.

In addition, sellers will try to deliver you the best possible traffic, because they will see your badge and keep in mind that a strict Prime filter will be applied to all your orders.

Free access to
$20 / month value
Free access to

You will get free permanent access to – this is a tool for sellers to schedule, monitor and manage your solos and buyers.

Sell as many solos as you wish. Track as much traffic as you need. All payments go directly, there are no intermediary steps or fees. Integrates unnoticeably into your site. Use any click tracker or in-house tracker by Solo Calendar.

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