50 Clicks ordered, delivered 55 clicks, Got 10 optins and 2 sales

by Angella Peters on 16 March 2020

Solo Ad Review

Hello there and welcome. In this video, I want to review the results I got from running a solo ad to this Power lead system landing page. As a gold member of the Power lead system, you get access to this landing page here. You can use as a lead magnet. You can offer the Power lead system free level for free, right? 

Promotion and Clicks Analysis

So as you can see, the website I used to promote, I needed somebody, people to put in their name, email, and phone number. So what I did was I went to Udimi and I used Stefan yesterday. And you can see here, Stefan, I paid for 50 clicks. I paid Stefan for 50 clicks to drive traffic to my website. And he overdelivered by 10 %. So he delivered 55 clicks. 

Power Lead System and Tracking

And I just... You can see that was yesterday. This is today, but this was yesterday when we did this. So I'm going to go into my Power lead system. I'm going to go to Websites. I'm going to go to Add Tracking, right? Just to confirm that I got my 55 clicks and to see how many opt-ins I got from that. 

Opt-in Rates and Conversion

Okay, so as you can see, these are all the pages I have in the Power lead system, right?   And we're looking for one that says Udeme. We're looking for this one. So I created this page specifically for the solo ad I sent through Stefan. And you can see here, I have 55 hits. The reason I have 59 hits here, sorry, and he has 55, is because the four hits was myself, right? 

Sales and Follow-Ups

I was testing the landing page, make sure it works. I actually opted into the landing page myself to make sure that everything works as according to plan. So from his 55 hits, I actually got 10 people who completed survey. That means they opted into the form, right? Those 10 people gave me their name, email, and phone number, right? Out of those 10, so that shows it's about 18% opt-in rate, conversion rate. 

Success and Future Plans

Out of those 10, I'm delighted to say that I got two sales. And those two sales, one of them was from the first hour, right? And the other one was towards the last hour, and they were all delivered within 24 hours. They were delivered on the same day. So I'm absolutely delighted with the results from Stefan. It's up to me now that I have the email address, I have the phone number, it's up to me to follow up with the eight that didn't make a decision to buy. 

Promoting Offers and Conclusion

It's up to me to build a relationship with them and promote the offer to them, and I can promote other offers to them as well. I'm delighted. I'm delighted. I'm going to leave a review for him. I'm going to use this video as a review, and I'm going to leave a positive review for Stefan as well and wish him all the best. Now, if you If you're watching this on social media and you're looking to generate leads for your business, click the link in around this video, depending on where you're watching it.