I got sales! I have always gotten sales each time I used Kevin.

by Edward Keyte on 29 April 2021

Testimonial for Kevin


I just want to give a quick testimonial for Kevin. He's done an incredible job, and every time I've been with Kevin, as you can see here, I've gotten sales from this gentleman, from this vendor.

This was the link that I used, and the platform was here on my daily Choice, which is the company I'm promoting so if I we've got a built-in tracking tool here. 


The Tracking Tool and Its Benefits


So if I go to the tracking area, I can see. This was the code that I added on to my daily choice capture page and got the hits he overdelivered got 38 tour takers, people who opted in to my mailing list. And I got three affiliates.

Actually, one of those, you know, technically you can actually become an affiliate even as a free member But you know, one of those was actually a sale. Okay, So, I Just to be completely transparent, not all of these ones were actual sales.

But one of them was a sale. So yes, I got sales. And like I say, I've used Kevin three times. And every single time that I've used him, I got sales.


The Importance of Capture Page


So basically, as the code states, what I sent Kevin, it was the sales. cp24 cap which is the capture page 24 not that this would mean much to people who are not in part of my daily choice but just to show you what the capture page looks like.

So I went with the this particular page which is the capture page 24 so just to give you an idea as a simple page and yeah, but it even asks for the phone number, so there are four fields here, which you might say would be a lot more, you know, what I'm asking here is a lot more than what a typical capture page would be. 


Effective Lead Generation and Follow-up


A typical capture page would be probably a first name and an email address. And then, you know that that would be that. But what I'm asking for is obviously the phone number, which is an option. But still, a lot of the leads that I got from Kevin actually provided their phone number, which allowed me to call them up.

So, you know, consider that when you're using good solo ads vendors like Kevin to put your phone number option in there so you can actually, you know, optionally call them up.

But obviously the more you do to, you know, to bend over backwards in following up with your leads, the more likely you're going to generate more sales so it's definitely in the follow-up as well so it's all it's often it's partly down to you if you're going to end up getting sales.  


Final Thoughts and Recommendations


So Kevin does a great job in providing the quality leads, period. Then the next step is up to you to reach out and follow up with those leads. Don't always depend on your autoresponder. It's definitely important to have an autoresponder, but don't depend on it.

Follow up manually and be relentless in running your business. I highly recommend Kevin. He's a fantastic vendor on Udimi. 

Thanks. I'll be using him a lot more down the road. Okay, thanks and see you and I hope you enjoy your experience with Udimi.