Huge thumbs up for Tom Girard as the run was great at 20% conversions.

by Fran Cassady on 13 July 2020

Hi, Fran Cassidy with Cassidy Online LLC. Over the weekend, we had a significant problem with World Profit, my partner, online. And I was running a solo ad for them, for us. And basically, the server went down.


Problem Encountered

And so consequently, we ran 100 clicks, but none of them really got through, except for a couple, because the server was having trouble at the time. So that was very frustrating, and I talked with Tom Gerard, a solo ad vendor from um British Columbia, Canada very professional um solo ad vendor.


Discussion with Tom Gerard

And the reason I say that is because he was willing to discuss the problem and basically share responsibility for the problem. Something that I had never encountered before with Solo Adventers.

And so it was kind of special that he was able to take that on, and we were able to significantly resolve the issue and did a fantastic job as well. 


Successful Resolution and Appreciation

20% conversion sign-up, I should say. Sign-up. I'm not sure about the sales and the rest of it, but basically a fantastic job. And so a big thumbs up for Tom Gerrard. Really appreciate that. that is a kind of cooperation and communication that will keep small business owners coming to Uiemy. 


Final Remarks

So I just wanted to give a big shout-out to Tom and let him know if you're watching, Tom, let you know, obviously you're watching, let you know that it is greatly appreciated what you have done to help solve that issue. Okay, with that, Fran Cassidy with Cassidy Online LLC signing off for now.