Awesome solo! 5% OD, 198 opt-ins, 3 upgraded sales! Kay is great!

by Gary Hullfish on 10 March 2017

Solo Performance Results

Hello everybody, I wanted to show you my results of my solo I just did with Kay. I ordered 500 clicks on March 7th. That's when the solo started. As you can see right here, after the solo, my total opt-ins wound up being 198 total opt-ins. 


No Follow-up Required

And the best part about this is I didn't even have to follow up. And during my solo, you can see over the course of three days, it just finished today at 152. 


Sales and Earnings

During the course of the solo, I got some sales right here. Here's a gold member right here. That is worth $20 a month to me. Here's another gold member that signed up during the solo. $20 a month. 


Additional Sale and Residual Income

And I did get another sale right here, but this was passed up to my sponsor.  That's how it works in PLS. But still, I get bonuses off of that as well. But we're looking at $40 a month right here in residual income just from one solo with Kay. 


Final Thoughts and Future Prospects

And awesome. It's exactly the way I like it. Sales, opt-ins, and who knows how many more sales I'll get once I start following up with these opt-ins that I got. Kay's great user. And I'll see you guys later. Thanks.