Awesome seller with some of the best results I have achieved here.

by Felix White on 16 January 2020

Yeah, I was going, I actually never do this. I've never actually been so much enthused about a seller on this platform, UDIMI, to even make a video, a testimony, and let you know what kind of results I've achieved.

I don't even, um, really do reviews on here because some of the sellers I haven't really, um, results weren't that promising. But my god brandon Shawn, and um, results are awesome, man.


Unprecedented Enthusiasm

Um, the first, the first couple of hits, I already got a sale. A sale on the first couple hits I was in shock I'm like oh wow it's this morning just a lead. This is an actual sale.

Usually I'm used to um getting some leads and then have to follow up later on with um where autoresponder follow-up messages to get them to actually commit to purchase, to buy.

But Brandon Sean, he had the right traffic, the right people, the right resources to help me grow my business and Brandon Shawn, that's the man to choose, the man to take, the seller to go for. The price is right, the results are insane.


The Right Seller


One sale, 40 leads, and my open rate is like... So I'm doing broadcasts to other leads, and like 2 out of 10 will actually open up the emails. That's crazy. That's been the best results I've had on these sellers at UDIMI.

I just want to make this quick message and let y'all know that I stand behind Brandon Shawn, and I'm going to use him over and over again because we keep on reducing these results. He got to buy it for life.  That's all I'm going to say. Thanks, Brandon.