Awesome Udimi Solo Ads provider! Delivered more than promised.

by The Greeks Club on 31 January 2020

Hey guys, this is Bill from the Greeks, and we have just received our order from the Udimi vendor called Brandon Sin. Love you guy. And out of the 300 promised clicks, quality visitors, we've received 10% more. Actually more. 334.


Visitor Geography

And it's not exactly as promised and advertised on the Udimi listing. The majority, almost actually 95% were from the US, the territory we're looking for anyways, but anyways, tier one all the clicks, but the majority US exactly as promised.


Opt-in Rate

Now, when it comes to conversions, we've just used one of our simplest lead capture pages where we had more than 27% opt-in rate. That's amazing. So out of the 354 clicks, we've gotten 96, close to 100 leads. 


Sales Conversion

And so far, we are about 72, less than four days, less than 96 hours away when the leads landed into our landing page, into our autoresponder, and we have already, I believe, two or three, two sales for sure in our affiliate offer, in the front-end offer, of our affiliate program. 



So, all that said, thank you so much, Brandon, and I look forward for our next show lot for you. Highly recommended. five six seven ten stars if possible. Talk to you soon, mate.