I received 192 clicks for a 175 clicks purchased. Great Solo!

by Bassey Moses on 23 July 2020

Lois Barcy here. I just decided to make this quick video for my good friend here on Udimi and young, I'm sorry if I pronounced your name wrongly. I bought some solo ads from this guy. 175 clicks I got from him. And he delivered 192 clicks to me.


Ad Results

And as you can see, look at, these are unique visitors. And the countries where they came from, they say Canada, USA, USA, USA, USA, USA, one India there, USA, USA, Canada, Seneca there, and New Zealand, US, US, US, US, US, US, India, United Kingdom.

These are top tier, most of the leads I got from this guy, most of them are from top tier countries, and you know what, I am so happy that I got clicks from this guy, you know.


Customer Satisfaction

I am very, very happy very, very pleased because with the result that I received from this solo art, it's been one of the best I have ever gotten from this place, I must be honest with you. Okay? um from that solo art, why that part was wrong in I mean solo ad was running. I had three sales, three sign-ups into my business.


Sales and Sign-Ups

So, thank you so much, my friend. I really appreciate, um, the good work you've done here for me. So, three sign-ups, the opt-in rate was that very great. I had about 55 opt-in where if you divide 55 by 192 feet, that will give you around 28.6 something up in red. Which around 29, I would call it 29.


Future Collaboration and Recommendation

So, fantastic job. I look forward to doing some more business with you in the future. So if you're watching me on YouTube, you're looking for solo art, um I'm not greedy. I'm not gonna hide this from you. The guy is good. So, there's a link under this video. You check it out and go for it.

Get some solo out with him. And thank you for watching the video. Bye