Very happy! 7.5% sign-up rate from a 200-click test. Will buy again!

by Peter on 01 November 2018

Hey, everybody. I just want to do a quick video review for Koochtim here on Udimi. And I was extremely happy, very satisfied with the links and the response that I got from our campaign. So I ordered 200, as you can see here.


Over-Delivery and Filtering Results

And he over-delivered by more than 10%, which I thought was fantastic. We had 44 filtered, 18 useless. And so I'm on the upgraded plan, so I have a few extra filtered pretty conservative with the filtering. So at 225 when I paid for 200, very happy with that.


Campaign Success

I'm in network marketing and I had 17 people sign up from this one campaign. So they had to look at my sales page, and then they had to click to go to my signup page where they had to put in their full name, address, email, phone number, and create a username.


Sales Conversion and Cost Per Acquisition

So asking a lot, but we got 17 opt-ins, which is great. They actually signed up for our program, so I can consider those sales, they are on my, they are in my sales downline. And so if we do just some quick math, let me move this calculator over. We did, I spent what eighty-three dollars divided by seventeen, just under five dollars per new sales rep.


Comparison With AdWords

So, that is, less than half of what I was spending on AdWords. So this by far, his list is by far way better for me and what I need to do with it than anything I can do on my own. And this was immediate. I mean, this was one day within a few hours and I just saw the signups.


Signup Rate and Future Plans

Boom, boom, boom, boom. So very happy. And then if we look at signup percentage, if we're going to do 17 divided by 225. We have seven and a half percent signup rate, which I'm going to try to do better with my landing page.

I'm going to do some a be testing but extremely happy with the results just for a quick 200 opt-in, or 200 click blast.


Conclusion and Recommendation

So my advice is go with kuching you're going to get the results. He definitely under promised and overdelivered here, very happy, and I will be a repeat customer. Thanks so much and good luck with your campaign.