Got 5 signups, thanks! Likely more. Cookies need a few F5 presses.

by STEPHEN SARTAIN on 13 November 2017

Traffic Results and Cookies Issue


I just want to let you know that... Yeah, thanks. I saw the traffic coming in. I had good results from it. I got five sign-ups, but I don't think it was that many people that signed up. 

What the problem appeared to be is that the cookies on the site, they were quite persistent. You had to press the function key F5, which... It gets rid of the stored cookie and et cetera.


Referral Links and Deletion


You have to press that a few times, otherwise the referrals link wouldn't go down to the referrals box. I also have the option of deleting the referral. I don't think people did that. Members can even change it afterwards as well. But up to now I've had 14 referrals and this added another five.  


Stats Analysis and Company Contact


And really, I just wanted to see if this was going to appeal to people who actually clicked and went through. I think I'm going to contact the company and ask them to look at the stats and look at to see who signed up from my link, who came via that link.

And I think I might be surprised at the response because I was kind of expecting eight. percent about to actually say, yeah, I clicked through, and I'm here about it.


Sign-ups Increase and Future Plans


Although it's being advertised everywhere at the moment, it's one of those hot things. I still appreciate just getting extra sign-ups because I've got thousands of pages rotating on traffic exchanges, etc. And it's very difficult. I'm getting one sign-up a week. 

So you can increase that by five. So thank you very much. I'd buy again, you know. So thank you.