Delivered 100% top tier! Got 1 sale, 15% overdelivery, 58 opt-ins!

by Stefano Castro on 05 March 2020

Hello everyone, I'm Stefano, and today I want to share with you my first experience with Brandon Shawn. Brandon is one of the most top sellers of Udimi and after searching a lot of information and searching a lot of reviews on his profile, I chose him as my first solo ad. 


The Solo Ad Experience

So I placed the order on Friday for Saturday and between Saturday and Monday morning, Brandon sent to me 115 people on my landing page, on my sales funnel.

He gave to me 15% over delivery on my order, and I've got 15% opt-in rate, so I could add 58 people on my autoresponder, on my mailing list, and this is a very great, great result for me. 


Results and Sale

I've got one sale as the first time I've got one sale, and I'm sure that in the next days, in the next weeks, I will get more sales with my autoresponder. 


Advice and Conclusion

So, I want to give you an advice. Go to buy some clicks from Brandon because his list is very, very great, and I'm sure that you can get sale with him. So, thank you. Bye.