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First 20 customers get fresh leads at only 0.54 cpc for 95% Top Tier. If satisfied with the first order, send review & get the SAME DISCOUNT again!
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All Are Welcomed Here!...except for Bots and Trolls >:( ************* Important Notice*: Listen Up! To all you fly-by-night buyers who purchase clicks and ignore seller's messages. Don't even think about placing an order with me without having the courtesy of sending me a message, your order will be rejected. Also, if you don't reply back after your click campaign is complete, we have no future business together. Thank You for your cooperation! :) **************** >>>Our first 20 customers can get leads at only 0.54 cpc for 95% top tier. If satisfied with the first order, send review & get the same discount again! It's a Win-Win Deal for Everyone!<<< ● 90-100% top tier clicks - you can expect a steady flow of top tier visitors from the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Our email audience have a buyer's mindset and similar currency value to purchase your product(s). Plus, they speak English. ● 30-hour delivery - Our company is stationed and operate within New York's Time Zone (EST) just so you'll know and fully aware of our possible time zone difference. We are committed to delivering for you within 24-30 hours of you submitting your order. Money=time=speed! ● **100% Top Tier ONLY Traffic Package Available** ● Traffic Filter included For Free - We use sophisticated traffic filtering to weed out bots, fakes, injections, and other types of fake traffic, so you're only paying for real human clicks. If any fake clicks slip through the cracks, I will resend the missing clicks for free. You only pay for real human clicks or don't pay at all! You will get a complete filter report when your traffic is delivered. ● 25% Optin Rate Guarantee - I've got a good eye ;) for high-converting offers. If I don't feel your offer will convert with my email traffic, I won't accept it. But if it does, I promise to deliver at least 25% opt-in rate or higher. If I fail you, I will keep sending traffic for free, until you've received at least 25%-wroth of opt-ins from your order. **The Breakdown** 400-1000= $0.54 cpc 300-400= $0.59 cpc (only $0.54 for our first 20 customers!) 250-300= $0.64 cpc (only $0.54 for our first 20 customers!) 200-250= $0.69 cpc (only $0.54 for our first 20 customers!) 150-200= $0.74 cpc (only $0.54 for our first 20 customers!) 100-150= $0.79 cpc (only $0.54 for our first 20 customers!) 050-100= $0.84 cpc (only $0.54 for our first 20 customers!) Have any more Questions? Please refer to our FAQ's Section or simply send us a detailed message.
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❖ When will my order start?
If your offer is a good fit with our list, we will deliver your order within 24-30 hours or less.
❖ How will my order be tracked?
As a customer of ours, you get free tracking done for you. You can enjoy your peace of mind while we set everything up for you. We'll also send you a full tracking report when your order is complete.
❖ Do you count raw clicks or unique clicks?
We guarantee delivery of the dedicated number of visitors you order, by only counting unique clicks. In other words, you pay per visitor - not per click. If a visitor clicks on your link twice or twenty times, you will only pay for that person once, with the rest of the clicks received for free.
❖ Do you offer USA only clicks?
Yes. While our standard traffic is 90-95% Tier 1, we carry a separate section of pure 100% USA traffic. Contact us for more details.
❖ What is the source of your clicks?
Our Traffic contains a rich blend of Igor Kheifets' & other Exclusive Sellers 90-100% Top Tier leads.
❖ How can I track my opt-ins rate?
As the owner of your capture page, you are the one tracking your own opt-in rate. You will be able to access it on your end if you are building your own list, or with the product provider if someone else follows up with your leads for you.
❖ Will you provide an ad copy/email swipe or do I need to provide one?
If your offer is a good fit with our list, we will carefully analyze it and write the best copy/swipe that will resonate with my list for you, for free. If you insist on using your own copy/swipe for any reason, please message us with further details and we will consider it.
❖ How much of your traffic is mobile?
We have different list segments, with either mobile or desktop traffic available. If you’re specifically interested in one or the other, contact us and let us know which segment you’re looking for.
❖ Am I guaranteed sales?
Beware of Solo Ad Sellers that carelessly sling around claims stating “Guaranteed Sales”. Not every Solo Ad is a one-hit-wonder but it is worth the investment when paired with an Email Capture Page to build upon your email list. Having a wholesome email list is equivalent to a long-term self-liquidating asset. We only guarantee access to high-quality leads and prospects. To increase your chances to score those sales further, we already provide an extra 5-15% of over-delivery automatically.
❖ How much traffic can you deliver in one order?
We offer packages of up to 2,500 clicks on our official page, and if your offer is a good fit, we are willing and capable of delivering well beyond that. If you are looking to place a larger order containing 5,000 clicks to 30,000 clicks or more, message us and we will discuss further details ASAP.
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