I want the best solo ads out there
i want the best solo ads out there
Chris Swain
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i want the best solo ads out there
Posted 7 Feb at 17:51
Heather Alessandra
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Well who doesn't? LOL.
Posted 7 Feb at 18:30
Jesus Leon
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You're in the right place Chris, many great solo sellers here!!
Posted 7 Feb at 19:14
Craig Raphael
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I would advise you to check out all of the sellers and consider all facets like price, ratings, etc. Don't be unrealistic though...we ALL want the best solos and traffic possible :)
Posted 7 Feb at 19:16
John Coburn
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Hi Chris lots of great sellers here... My advise buy quality ..Jesus and Heather I can recommend as sellers
Posted 7 Feb at 19:40
David Everett
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That`s funny Chris. my first thought was define best. Your offer does play an important part in what`s considered best solo ads. Craig Raphael makes a good point and I would add questions like, who is on the list and how many buyers will your offer go out to?
Posted 8 Feb at 13:54
Steven Pearce
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We all want those lol, what niche you looking to buy solos in? your in the right place, i am new to solos myself but having some great results on here, just look for good quality sellers with good feed back and ask questions if your not sure

All the best
Posted 8 Feb at 14:13
Jamie Hall
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your in the right place check me out Chris!
Posted 9 Feb at 04:36
Abdul Mannan
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All solo ad seller of udimi are best.
Posted 22 Mar at 01:50
Tom Geo
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Specially with the new Heat map tracking, i think they are ahead of the competion,
Posted 22 Mar at 18:57
Sotero Garcia
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Hit me up... Be the first to mail my 100% US list
Posted 29 Mar at 15:43
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