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Find a bug - Get $5 discount card 47 upvotes
Hello Udimi community, We're thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity for all of you to participate in our latest initiative - "The Udimi Bug Hunt"! This is your chance to contribute to the platform's improvement and, at the same time, earn rewards for your effort. We're inviting all of our users to help us identify and report any glitches, errors, or bugs that you might come across while usin
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Did this happen to anybody else? 1 upvote
I've been buying solo ads for 3 weeks and to this day I've managed to squeeze out like 120 subs.And I didn't get any sales, which is fine and I was expecting it, that is not the worrying part.The worrying part is that those subscribers have no reaction to anything.Like anything.I've told them in the ad copy that I'll give them the lead magnet only if they reply to my welcome email so I can improve
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Ad Text vs Link Only
Is there any evidence as to which is more effective? Thank you.
So where do my commissions go when I get several emails a day saying it's about to expire and I can't understand where they going or what's wrong or if my links correct or not. Who can help me?
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How do i add a tracking link?
How do i add a tracking link?
Receiving Traffic from an unknown source from Udimi
I am receiving traffic from an unknown source from Udimi. I am not receiving traffic from any other vendor. Udimi is the only vendor I have used recently and the traffic I paid for has been received. I haven't paid for any other traffic from Udimi, but I am receiving daily traffic from someone at Udimi. How can I get this stopped as the traffic I am receiving is from all over the world and definit
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How to get reviews from buyers
I'm a new seller and wondering how to get a review from a new customer. Do I approach them or does Udimi follow up with a review request? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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Missing the ability to lock days with new site layout
Hi there, I noticed that after the new site layout went live, I can no longer lock days on the order calendar to avoid receiving orders on any specific day. Is this a bug, or is the feature planned to be reimplemented soon? It was very useful for managing my schedule. Thanks, Maurizio
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Low engagement rates on email? 1 upvote
This unfortunately is something we can not "fix" for you, but I do have some advice. My company uses a self-hosted ESP to manage solo ads, and we service the e-commerce business for major retailers. If we were not able to inbox our email we would NOT be in business very long. The fact is we can inbox because my staff are highly trained and we use and own many SMTP servers. This is used solely for
Unveiling the Solo Ad Struggle: Your Ticket to Success Revealed - PM me for Questions. 2 upvotes
Many folks find themselves hitting roadblocks with solo ads because they often dive in without a clear roadmap or strategy. Here's why it happens: Lack of Targeting: Without a solid understanding of who their audience is, many people end up shooting their ads into the void. It's like trying to hit a bullseye blindfolded – chances are, you'll miss the mark.Dodgy Traffic Sources: Choosing the wrong
Why do you buy solo ads? 1 upvote
I feel like this needs to be said. The goal of your solo ad campaign (or any traffic, paid or free, for that matter) should be to get as many leads as possible. You can't accomplish that when you make it hard for the prospect to become a lead. Use SIMPLE capture pagesDon't ask the prospect for anything other than an emailGive them a reason to enter their email You are gathering leads, not making s
Concerned Buyer, Anyone have an Answer? 1 upvote
Hello Everyone, I recently came back to Udimi to purchase some traffic. I'm noticing that about 95% of the options have emails with two or 3-digit numbers at the end of their email, like emailname72 @ gmail or emailname 176 @ gmail. It looks strange to me because you would think there would be many emails without numbers at the end. Can anyone explain this to me? Are we getting fake traffic? I als
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Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone. Thats What I do Everyday....And Never Looked Back! 2 upvotes
70% of professionals (or even more) have "imposter syndrome" That feeling of stepping into unknown territory, not knowing everything, never doing that before, and uncertainties. Am I good enough? Will they find out that I am not that good and that I am a fraud... These are some of the thoughts of self-doubt. But with the way the world is evolving, is not change inevitable, meaning we will all be f
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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Wishing you peace, joy, love and harmony! May the spirit of Christmas shine in your heart and light your life.May your business journey be filled with achievements and triumphs.Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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Bonus cliks
Hello, I need help... I can't find where can I set + 10% bonus cliks on Udimi. Hope that somebody can help me 🙂
If anybody needs help with their landing page I can help.
People often struggle with landing pages. If you want help I offer the free service. Pls check my profile and pm me.
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Newcomer 1 upvote
"Welcome to Udimi! It's a fantastic platform for buying and selling solo ads. As a newcomer, I recommend taking advantage of the resources available on the platform. Udimi provides guides and tutorials that can help you navigate the process and make informed decisions. Don't hesitate to reach out to the Udimi support team if you have any questions or need assistance. They are usually very helpful
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Help me setup seller account 1 upvote
Hi there! I am trying to setup my seller account... it is asking from real IP! But I am a shared IP user. How can I fix this issue? Do I need to buy a real IP? is it mandatory to use Udimi? Can I sell without getting my ID verified for now as I am a newbie doesn't have much to invest? And will Udimi refund the $1.99 that I paid to Verify my payment method? Sorry, a lot of questions there! I tried
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How many leads to make money? 1 upvote
It is often said that an email address is worth around 1$. Is this also the case with Solo Ad Traffic? How big should the list be to be able to earn a good amount of money? My list is still small, only about 200 leads but no sales yet despite email series 
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How does looks 6 figure funnel for TOP solo ad seller?
I will post some day :)
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I've spent nearly 2000 dollars on solo ads with zero earnings. 1 upvote
It must be me, right? IDK but I think Im gonna try one more time, I need a sale just a sale to justify being here. Im thinking just a clickbank offer in weight loss, hell IDK
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Filtered Clicks 1 upvote
One day I'm going to write an Ebook on how to make money with filtered Udimi clicks and then sell it to the filtered clicks on Udimi.
Where do I locate my Udimi ID?
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Prime member
How do I tell if I am a prime member?
How do I update app 1 upvote
When I log in and try to navigate application is saying I need to update
My link does not open on safelist mailers
Hi, My affiliate link does not run on safelistmailers It says Udimi has refused conection Can you help me?
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Process Flow to Send Orders 1 upvote
Hi. Can someone send me the instructions or process flow on how to send traffic? I have a buyer and I’m sending traffic but it shows I’ve only sent 1. Please help asap.
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Changing original URL in order.......
I ordered with one URL. I messaged seller with new URL. Seller wants new URL. How to replace new one with original URL?
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Clicks Skipped Convertkit Optin Page & Went To Sales Page
Have your clicks ever skipped your convertkit form and showed up on your sales page? Here's the funnel Udimi solo adConvertkit optin pageSamCart sales pageSamCart upsell page With 8 email sequence for optins, sending sales to SamCart sales page. I woke up confused to my results. 0 optins from 115 clicks but 1 sale. ConvertKit shows that all the clicks went to the optin page... But the strangest pa
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Formatting text ads
I pasted a formatted text ad into the area provided on the form. but when I submitted it, the ad appeared as one large paragraph with no separation between paragraphs, no indents , no Bold areas etic. I asked the seller to re-format it and he said he would but no changes wee made. Basiclaly, the ad looked terrible. Is there any way of getting a formatted ad published?
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Any Help
How can I use Udimi to make more success in my business? Thank you!!!
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Retargeting web visitors
Hi All, ✌️ anyone know if there is an affiliate-friendly AD network with the ability to run ? RETARGETING ads? Similar to what you would do with Facebook Ads. I know this is a bit off-topic but as I'm starting to run solo ads again, I'd like to retarget the web visitors with ads. Email campaigns are in place. Thank you in advance! ?
What are POPULAR affiliate prducts today?
What do you think - which are today most popular affiliate products in 2022/2023?
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Dont tell me this 1 upvote
I got no clicks even though Udimi says I did... Immediate refund! Like, love or hate Udimi's click is the official count and LOL... it's dams good. Do you know more than those that have been in this business 20+ years... Udimi's click tracking is accurate and official... LIKE It or NOT...and I don t always agree...but dammit, ist good. Bill
Cannot place an order
When I click on a vendor it keeps taking back to my account home page. Any ideas why?
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Good quality click become Likely traffic exchange after 1 day? 1 upvote
How does the filter system work? May 17, this subscriber was quality click (Client A) See attach After 1 day, he check my link from my email again and go to a new client (Client B), he become "Likely traffic exchange" See attach --------- Second issue, I completed an order, the customer was happy about the result. Then Udimi automatically refund him due to high % filtered clicks, what should I do
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Source tracking 1 upvote
How to I add source tracking to my Udimi affiliate link?
Question for sellers 1 upvote
Hi This may be a stupid question but I am going to ask it anyway. Why do you not offer free short run samples for buyers to test your list? It costs you virtually nothing but could increase your sales dramatically if you get a good response. I would deffo try other sellers if this was an option.
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Hey sellers 1 upvote
Question for everyone...Do you sell your products with your traffic? Most buyers should ask this question. The fact is 90% of sellers here don't! I sell several information products via Clickbank... I sell primarily to my subs... I am a platinum seller at Clickbank and have been a diamond seller for many years. Why and how is your seller here? Are they successful alone, or only make money by selli
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Help me communicate bio
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Quality Leads
Over the past few years I have spent quite a bit of money on here. I have never gotten any quality leads. I am lucky to get 1 open per 100 emails sent. Always have averaged around 50% optin but very very few even open the welcome email. I hate to say it but I am pretty well done with solo ads.
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Seller is not responding...
I purchased 100 clicks. Seller only delivered 15 clicks and ignored my message. What can I do about that? Richard
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Email come spam 1 upvote
Hi everyone. why do my emails on some addresses arrive in the inbox and on others as spam? I tried on several of my email addresses… I checked my domain and it's ok. on 3 of my Gmail addresses they arrive, while on a hotmail address, on one of Yahoo and on another Gmail they land in spam!
I try to build my list but the open rate is low , zero CTR
I have tried two best sellers on this platform to build my list, but the open rate is always at its best, no more than 10%. The CTR is always ZERO. Am I the only buyer who is going through this experience? And what is the solution?
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Some problems I see with orders 2 upvotes
The orders are excellent, and I am happy to fill them...The issue is HOW effective this will be for buyers. This has nothing to do with the quality of traffic and everything to do with your positive result. So many landing pages give NO CLUE as to who you are...Yet you email them immediately, so people are wondering...Why is this person spamming me? They don't know who you are, but you are emailin
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Landing page 1 upvote
hello, does anyone want to give me some advice on my landing pages? out of four I've created I've never made any sales, he's a seller he even rejected me two orders! I would like to understand where I'm wrong...
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Landing page
How can i improve my landing page ? The best Way, it dosent convert well and i need help to improve it.Anyone Åke
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One off sales or recruiting subs
Hi, I was just wondering of the more experienced marketers here who prefer to promote one off sales or recurring/residual/subscriptions earning opportunities to there lists? Thanks Marcus
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Tracking Sales
Hi, I just wondered what tracking software others used if any? I use a few different traffic sources but want to try and know which ones are bringing in leads that create sales for those leads. I did think a capture page/list for each but seems a bit clunky if g that makes sense, currently use getresponse but can’t find anything online to do other than that way. Any help would be appreciated, than
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how can collect big email list ! to make passive income monthly from affiliate marketing ?
hello , how can collect big email list ! to make passive income monthly from affiliate marketing ? i need good stratgy to collect big number in my email list helps me to make passive income monthly , is from udimi only or shall i make another promotions ?
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