Newbie to the Biz
Newbie to the Biz
Levi Connally Jr
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Looking to build my online presents. I have a ?.... is there an amount of people one should have on a list before making an attempt to list swap
Posted 13 Feb at 00:47
Rick Ling
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Hello here is mainly for Solos I guess can swap if someone sgrees but Safe-swaps is better for that and would suggest at 500-1000 leads to swap with someone. It's all about how many clicks you can deliver not size of the list but quality of it and what they are targeted too...
Rick Ling
Posted 13 Feb at 07:04
Liz Hall
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i started with 1,300 subscribers work out well
Posted 23 Feb at 18:33
Heather Alessandra
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1000 is a good place to start with some small swaps. But test your list first to make sure you can deliver :)
Posted 23 Feb at 20:08
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