Forum Solo ads Which Autoresponder would you recommend?

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Hi all,

I'm just starting out and doing some solo ads but in the future want to do some swaps. On safe-swaps i came across a forum thread stating that Aweber wasn't working very well in combination with safe-swaps.

Because switching from A/R in the future isn't advised I thought let's post a thread and ask some advise.

So what would you recommend..I am thinking about Getresponse.. Thnx!

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Infite and GetResponse

and self hosted for sure

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If you can afford a complete and properly configured setup SELF HOSTING is truly the way to go.

Because the IPs are dedicated to you and assuming you practice good list hygiene the inboxing can be far higher.

Moreover you also don't have the content police breathing down your neck or risk of getting shut down because they don't like your spam complaints coming in on their FEEDBACK LOOPS.

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Likewise....Trafficwave is an excellent autoresponder. Unlimited leads for the same price.

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Getrespose seems to work better with Udimi.