Overdelivery / filtered custom URLs
Overdelivery / filtered custom URLs
Uncle Dimitry
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Hi Sellers,

today we published next set of improvements to the click filter:

  • now you can decide whether to send filtered traffic to your buyer or back to your site
  • you can set separate links for o/d and filtered traffic
  • you can set different o/d links for each solo
  • you can change how much extra traffic will be sent to the buyer

All settings are accessible on swipe screen of your solos.

Your buyers can see these settings on their swipe screens.

Best, Uncle Dimitry.

Posted 17 Jun at 11:36
Liz Hall
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how do we end filtered traffic to your buyer
Posted 17 Jun at 15:04
Heather Alessandra
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Wow, I can hardly stay ahead of all the changes. Keep up the great work Uncle D!
Posted 17 Jun at 19:55
Uncle Dimitry
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thanks. We will take a break soon and give time for everybody to adapt to changes.

We will use this time to copy all the best improvements to Safe-Swaps.
Posted 17 Jun at 22:06
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