Can i sell clicks with a small list
can i sell clicks with a small list
Kenny Leong
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can someone advice if i can start selling clicks here with a list of just about 300 or should i grow it to about 1000 before doing so?
Posted 4 Sep at 08:09
Sven Hylten
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It's all about the amount of clicks you can deliver within the time frame. You can start when you can deliver as little as 25 clicks.
Posted 4 Sep at 18:32
Darren Olander
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As Sven said, it's not about the size of the list, it's about the responsiveness.. so if you can deliver more than 25 clicks (take in account some will be filtered) within about 3 days then you're good to go.
Posted 4 Sep at 19:43
Edward T Newman
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You should really not start selling SOLOs until you can deliver 100 clicks with a minimum of 50 from 1 emailing. Selling before this will end up killing your list. Many recommend even higher. Igor recommends not selling a 100 click SOLO until you can deliver 300 clicks.
Posted 5 Sep at 04:53
Kenny Leong
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Sven, Ed and Darren. Thanks for your advices. I think i know what to do.
Posted 5 Sep at 05:38
Albert Corey
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The Bigger you list the more you can email to them. Can start small. I would tell you buy some traffic and build it out.
Posted 7 Sep at 20:01
Liz Hall
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i started sell at 1,300
Posted 7 Sep at 22:14
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Liz Hall on 07 Sep 2015 at 22:14
i started sell at 1,300

Hi LIz

HOw you sell?

Posted 16 Jun at 11:23
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