Forum Solo ads Can anyone create a good converting Email swipe?

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Like topic says all.

Anyone can do this?

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The trick to writing compelling swipes is to make use of emotional triggers. Don't just write stuff like "This will make you money" people need to feel a connection. Writing more compelling swipes works, for example "I was broke, tired, and down on my luck - have you ever been there? where you just felt like giving up?" Asking questions forces the reader to answer the questions in their mind and if you cna create a connection you will get the clicks.

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Daniel Zander
Daniel Zander on 13 Sep 2015 at 14:55

Like topic says all. Anyone can do this?


if you are a buyer, seller will normally customised your swipe to make it converts better to you and their list.

If you are a seller, the best thing is read more swipe from others seller and test which swipe can works better to your list. :)

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Sellers will often rewrite your swipe to get a good response from their list.

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Thank you both :)

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yes i can. No problem with that.

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sure can - would want to see what you are offering so I've just messaged you