Seller Reject Order
Seller Reject Order
Sally Sally
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I am a newbie and why would a seller reject an order?
Posted 24 Sep at 20:36
Kuan Yee
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it happens if your product is not suitable to seller list.
Posted 25 Sep at 00:53
Liz Hall
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just move on Sally there alot of seller here okay
Posted 25 Sep at 12:42
Paul De Sousa
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What Liz said
Posted 26 Sep at 09:33
Jasper Dawson
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He didn't give you any reason. Some solo add sellers are very much bothered about their reputation. So if they think the add (the swipe) you provided is not good enough to make the customer click on your link he will not be able to give You the no of cliks that he promised and their name is at stake as a solo add seller. Jasper
Posted 28 Sep at 15:24
Mark Jivs
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it really isnt a bad thing if the seller did that, he is probably saving you the money because he know the offer wont work with his or her list. But it would be great if seller explained why...
Posted 28 Sep at 23:58
Bob Kimball
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Oh well....Next.....
Posted 3 Oct at 09:17
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