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Hi, i need to communicate with the sellers before i can buy from them How can i do that>?

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you can send messages here

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HI Jane! You can also click on solo deals, click on the sellers you want to ask a question. Hit the buy a solo button, but do not confirm order, just go to the top right and hit the "thinking cloud picture" to message the seller before you ever purchase:). I use this method because I can see all of the specials offered on Udimi, and if I have questions for buyers, it is easy to get the information I need. Have a great day!!

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Thanks a lot . I will that


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Click on "Find Sellers" on top right of your screen.

Then click on a picture of a seller you like.

Then on sort of right you will see a little tiny button that looks like a message box. Click on that and you can send the seller a message.

Hope that helps,