Nee advice...
Nee advice...
David Benson
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Hi guys...I have been buying traffic here and results are good. I get opt-ins. However not many people are actually going on to final step of signing up as my referral.
Is it that people who give their email already have product?

How many opt-ins do you guys usually get before people started actually signing up for product?

Is it better to buy 100 clicks at a time than 50?

Do you guys buy traffic daily?

Posted 2 Nov at 10:48
Kay Gambrell
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The first thing I would suggest is making sure that your auto-responder follow up series is set-up to give the lead more information about the product, pique their interest, explain benefits, educate them. IF you are getting a good opt-in rate, this is the first place I would start. You also might want to test a few different pages after they optin. I hope this makes sense. Good luck to you David!
Posted 2 Nov at 15:48
Jason Whistler
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50 vs 100 clicks is up to you and your budget. Larger runs are more efficient if you are planning to run a lot of traffic anyway.
Posted 4 Nov at 21:09
Liz Hall
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100 clicks is better because you get more people to see your offer
Posted 4 Nov at 21:19
Donte Evans
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My first question to you is...does your squeeze page relate to the offer? Does it warm up their interest? Also is the product
something they might have seen 1000 times already. I have previously found that the first you have to do is have your squeeze related
to your offer in some way. After that it has to be a good offer and also not seen too much.

Also for myself, I sometimes would buy 100 clicks to test a squeeze page and/or offer however you see the most results with
volume. I don't consider myself an expert however I have purchased 1000s of clicks and sell them now so I'm looking at this from the
buyers point of view. I will say, test, test, test, test, test, test, test, and then test some more.

Any questions, feel free to reach out to me directly if you like.

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Posted 4 Nov at 22:08
Heather Alessandra
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"How many opt-ins do you guys usually get before people started actually signing up for product?"

So many variables involved to answer that question! I agree with Donte "test, test. test" .

But I will also add my 2 cents.

Assuming you have the basics down in terms of design and pricing I have found to get an idea of how a squeeze page,sales page will convert I need to test it OVER THOUSANDS of clicks from MANY different sellers.

100, 500 or even a thousand I found not to give me deep enough analytics into the long term performance.

Then I look at the averages to see if it is something I want to continue pursing, tweak or scrap and move on.

Hope that helps!
Posted 4 Nov at 23:20
Mat Mathias
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Some really good advice here. Follow up is the key to success remember solo ads are cold traffic and usually people buy from people they know like and trust. people say the money is in the list but the fortune is in the follow up.
Posted 5 Nov at 01:15
Donte Evans
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Agreed as well Mat. I forgot to touch up on that part, lol. A good follow up sequence is good. Providing content, keeping the subscriber engaged is one of the keys. Soap opera follow up series all the way :) lol

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Posted 5 Nov at 14:23
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