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Hi All, I just noticed I have a 37% refund rate on my profile and I didn't even ask for them. I guess I got the refunds because it was found the seller was at fault for some reason. I can't get any info, I just got the money back, which is good. I was actually happy with the solos, I got massive opt-ins and there are still no bounce backs on my follow-ups. I did notice that those sellers refunded EVERY solo they did, so maybe there was an issue with them. I just want to put it out there that I am not a serial refunder. I like it here and plan on buying many more solos. I appreciate what you all do as sellers and I am willing to pay for it.

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It is probably due to sellers canceling orders because of the "didn't start on time" thing. When/if you don't "start on time" as a seller, you, as the buyer, can get all/most of the clicks and then ask for a refund anyway. So a seller, you are forced to continue on and take the chance of giving the buyer the clicks and not getting paid...OR, refund the buyer and get dinged for offering a refund. Either way, you are screwed in my opinion. I was unaware of this great "feature" until it happened to me. So as a seller, why would you give a buyer more clicks knowing that despite your efforts, the buyer can simply take the clicks and ask for a refund? Crazy.

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Thanks Kay, we will be doing business soon. You are busy!

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AS long as you got your money back, and are happy here, that is all that matters. lol I don't think anyone will hold that number against you. You are an awesome recruiter, and a great addition here:). We are all in this together to build our businesses and have fun! Cheers!

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Gary Hullfish, You are so right, there must be some issue with the seller. but anyway, Thanks for your trust and business with UDIMI. We all as a sellers in UDIMI will definitely provide best quality traffic to our buyers. cheers bro