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What do I put in the swipe field? First time doing this.

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Dear Swipe,

In the heading you want to write a "headline" that capture's your body's message right below it. Something very catchy... Use your italic bold icon or your font style icon to help you with making it bigger perhaps and catchy.(PLAY AROUND WITH IT UNTIL YOU CREATE SOMETHING YOU LIKE) The headline should introduce the body in one complete phrase. Then underneath in that big window of swipe you want to describe in more details but in pivotal clear points all the important aspects of what your offer benefits are. The body should say and capture all the different aspects that the headline visually didn't say. Don't elaborate one area too much in detail. Make it hit different benefits once and move on to the next benefit it offers. Keep your body relatively short not too long in length. (THAT WON'T TIRE THE READER'S EYES)

Then end the body with a close greeting like "Talk later" or "Talk soon" leaving hope and more personal connection. Then type your name... Phone number, email (OPTIONAL)

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A 'swipe' is basically the actual email with your website URL that you want the seller to send to his list when you buy an email blast or solo. As a newbie, I suggest just messaging the seller with your URL after you have made the purchase as writing effective emails in itself takes copy writing skills. The seller MUST deliver the exact amount of clicks you purchased anyway, so the onus is on him to send until you get the number of unique visitors you paid for. The swipe is important, but your priority is getting visitors to your page...

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Clyde Lewis
Clyde Lewis on 21 Dec 2015 at 02:15

What do I put in the swipe field? First time doing this.


hey Clyde !!! Swipe must be related with the offer, 1) Subject must capture attention 2) Body must be easy to read, clear and to the point 3) Use bullet point with benefits is Great 4) Call to action Some Udimi patners include an extra charge to write a swipe, others do it for free.

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Hello Clyde, Ermin has the point, and to do so you go to "MY SWIPES" at the left on the screen, and click on create new swipe,

1) Copy paste your swipe into the window. 2) Add your page link: Select the text, or call to action, and click on LINK icon at the top, then paste your landing page into the box 3) save your swipe

Udimi is going to save your swipes over the time, to make easy your next solo.

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The most important thing is to enter your tracking link. or your landing page link. The seller can write a swipe for you..Or if you have your own you can write it there. a swipe is basicly a email. that will be sent to the sellers list