Can you explain additional click options?

Can you explain additional click options?
Chris L
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Uncle Dimitri,

I appreciate Udimi seems to be safest way for buyers to purchase solo ads.

I am looking at a seller with these add'l offerings;

T1 only (1%), No Proxy (13%), No Mobile (75%), No Web (3%)

I understand the importance of T1 only & No Mobile. I do not understand the significance to the buyer of checking “No Proxy” or “No Web.” Can you give a good explanation of those filters please?

If clicks come via proxy there is a high probability the visitors are not real visitors – am I correct? If that is the case – why doesn't Udimi automatically filter those out for us instead of charging extra for that filter. I would appreciate a better understanding of this filter.

And what is the “No Web” filter?

Also, using the example above with the percentages next to the filters, what do those percentages mean?

Does it mean there is really no reason to check the T1 filter for this provider, because only 1% of clicks delivered to buyers so far were not T1? Does 13% in “No proxy: in the above example mean 13% of clicks delivered were from proxies?

I am impressed with Udimi's transparency & I look forward to reading the reply!

Posted 28 Dec 2015 at 15:04
Saravan Kumar
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you can check my profile .
thanks !

sorry contact with udimi support they are very helpful and they will surely give answer of your question !

Posted 2 Jan 2016 at 10:59
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