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Hi All,

I have started the process of creating a complete education course in short video format to show beginners all the many steps that need to be taken to succeed on the Internet.

Videos will be on:

Banner creation and how and where to place them

Creating capture pages

etc etc

I am looking for input on what sellers have come across dealing with buyers and what they don't know and also what buyers would like to learn. It would be a great help to know what is missing out there so I can create a video and teach everyone how it's done. I would appreciate input from both buyers and sellers.


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No, that is actually a good idea. A short video on creating a capture page and writing email swipes would be useful to a lot of buyers and sellers. There is always something to learn. There are quite a few already on You Tube, but mine would be better!

I will add that topic to the list. Maybe if they are good enough Uncle D will let me post a link in support? We shall see...

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That is a great idea Gary!

Personally I think technical aspect aside, i really want to know how to appeal to buyers and get them to buy my products/ offerings, as well as keeping them engaged.

I am guessing that this is mostly the content creation part, which may be too broad scope for your short training video.