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Can anyone tell me what everyone means by opt-in besides sales? Isn't opt-ins actual prospect sales? I'm a bit confused because I thought your opt-in's were people who either leave their email or something to follow up with the actual offer? In some instances some offer's have a funnel that get's the email first and then proceed to the actual sales page. I don't know why if people leave their info why not just go all the way through with it, Geez!!!! What are they waiting for or looking for? Nothing is gonna make them sign unless they realize they just have to try something and stick with it until the end to see if it works...Does anyone out there use's "Frank Calabro's 3 step formula" funnel as a business system? How many let me know all of you. I want to see what's working or not. I don't have time to waste..Everybody that is using the same funnel that I just mentioned please let me know by addressing it to me.

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I was using Franks system to the fullest in My advertising Pays and also Traffic Monsoon. Did not get 1 sign up. Spent a lot of money advertising all over the place, had more than 300,000 real views. Not junk traffic. Got a bunch of opt-ins and not ONE person has ever responded to me. Not ONE. I actually sent an email to my list, not selling anything, just asking to respond, so I know you are there and you want to get my emails. I got a response from ONE GUY and when I emailed him back, he never responded again! My list is about 2000 now, so are they REAL? Who knows. I DO KNOW that with the crazy filters the email accounts have, your follow ups usually go right to junk mail and they never see it. I send my follow ups to myself so I know when they go out and MY EMAILS even wind up in MY spam folder!! Sometimes it makes no sense, but what are we going to do? It's the way it is. All the programs I pay for and use daily, emails that I WANT from them, go to my spam, I have to constantly white list every email. Not EVERY ONE but a lot do. It really sucks and it's part of the business. It is that way because of all the spammers and asshole scam artists constantly bombarding people with junk email. The real stuff doesn't get through. But ya know, a lot of people might consider our offers SPAM. They opt-in, but most don't care, no one sticks it out, they just go with whatever is the flavor of the day. There are very few people online that are SERIOUS about making money, most are just surfing and dreaming and will never follow through. There are millions of people that will not part with a DIME for anything, but they will opt-in just to look around and waste your time. That is why auto responders were invented, imagine having to email your list everyday manually? Like I said, a lot of people get on the computer for a couple hours and get caught up in the idea of making money, then their favorite tv show comes on and they are GONE! All is forgotten. They never follow up. I have made over $20,000 in sales online, but I don't have a business by any stretch. My list does not even respond to me!! I actually have a short list of people that have PAID for my product and never went to the site to download it. Try to figure that out.