Forum Solo ads can you sell PPC traffic on here with no swipe?

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Are you allowed to sell PPC traffic on here? For example traffic monsoon? It will mean no swipes and can only accept URLs but it is quick traffic if that's what you want and cheap although opt in rate isn't high usually?not traffic purposes it's goo

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When people come here they want solos. This gives them targeted traffic using their swipe. You cannot use other sources. Even funnels clicks should not be used because we must give people what they pay for. If support says otherwise, I would be shocked

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I'm pretty sure you can't. Udimi is for email traffic only.

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How can you guarantee clicks with Traffic Monsoon? I use Cash Links and Text ads on there and do have great success, but it's a gamble. I have paid for 5000 visitors and gotten 100 opt ins and also used the same ad and bought 5000 more visitors and got 0 opt ins. You DO get visitors, that is for sure, it shows in your site hit stats, but opt ins are uncertain. You get the views because they are getting paid to look at your ad, but it is a gamble if they will click on the ad and opt in.

I use it all the time but I would be interested if that is something that could be sold here.

I could guarantee you that 5000 real sets of eyes will look at your ad for 10 seconds and it would cost less than $50.00. Opt ins are not guaranteed. And I could deliver it in less than 15 min. The hits would show on your tracker.

If I could charge for that, then I'm selling!

I don't think that is the point of UDIMI. Traffic Monsoon gives you mostly untargeted worldwide traffic, unless you pay more for geo target.

Buying a solo is more intimate and gives you a direct line to someone. Just getting hits is easy. I have nearly 800,000 visits to one of my pages, but my list is only about 1600.

If you are just posting a url and offering visitors, then UDIMI is not the place for that.

Just my opinion.

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Possibly people just want traffic to their site for ratings and to show it is popular before paying for more expensive traffic. 10 visitors per 0.30 cpc even low quality traffic as you are getting more may work out. Its the no swipe i am concerned over as only the URL will be able to be used. Logged a call with support asking this question but not heard anything back yet. So 25 clicks at $0.30 will get you 250 visitors for $15. May be worth it

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Well, I guess that nobody is interested in that kind of traffic considering that the minimum amount a seller can charge is 0.30 cpc. If it's quick but low quality i guess it's useless.