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Hi, I'm new to solo ads and I have a question. when you have placed an order for 100 ads and your ad runs it's course, and the seller says that they filled the order a 100% or more, how do you know? Other than the optins you receive how do you know you received your 100 or more? should you receive a lisst of names or what? Jay

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I agree with Ray and Tony, Udimi provides a tracking service, its a valuable information, regarding quantity and quality of traffic, you are receiving.

With Udimi Stats you can track one side off the traffic, but also I recommend to track the other side which are: OPT IN RATE, NUMBER OFF SALES, CPC (cost per click) every time you run a solo, that is the way you can use your money wisely, base in the global results.

all the Best !!

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Hi, you won't receive a list of name but a list of IP and the countries where those IP coming from by the tracking report of Udimi for sure.

If you still feel that you are not comfortable with the report the others provide, you can use a tracking software yourself via putting a tracking link in the swipe of your order.

Hope this helps. :)

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Hello Jay,

Udimi automatically tracks clicks for you in your dashboard when the ad goes live. You can obtain a lot of valuable information about the clicks you've received from your solo ad vendor too.

See here for more details, https://udimi.com/help/a/how-to-buy

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