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I and many of my clients have been trying to grab or rebump a
promoted solo dead for over a week and it's always all booked.

Also, I have had clients tell me they have literally stood by their
computers wiating for the countdown timer to hit zero (when a spot
should become available) and it's simply add's more time to the clock!

I have found my orders have come to virtual standstill after my
promoted ad goes way. Can others share their experieneces?

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I'm having same problem too ... i tried so many times ... but couldn't succeed . and sometimes the timer changes which i dont understand why.

As Bill Asked, how to get the $97 Promoted deal ?


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So how to get to $97 Promoted Offer?

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yep. I experienced this last night. I kept hitting the refresh button until the countdown timer hit zero and the promoted option NEVER went live. The timer just reset itself for another 12 hours.

There's got to be a better way to get into the promoted spots than this.

Kay - the bump spot is an o.k. option but the problem I'm seeing with it is you can be kicked off the first page the SAME day depending on how many other people are buying bumps. And it seems that once you're off the first page the sales stop immediately. Dollar for dollar, the $97 promoted offer is FAR more valuable as you stay on the first page for a week. You don't get that guarantee with the $47 bump.

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You've gotta be quick to get one!! The bump slot is always available and its $47 and you show up after all of the promoted slots, so you stay on the first page. You should try this slot. Also, if you are not a member of the affiliate program, and you need some sales, make sure your affiliate program is switched to "on" so the community can refer people to you:). Good luck!