Forum Solo ads I received less than normal for an order

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My current price is $0.30cpc, so for each 100 clicks order I receive $27.90, That is my price less $2.10 of processing fee.

I received this for all my latest orders but I have jsut completed and order and I noticed that I received $23.40 for 100 clicks.

The popup display:

Total amount: $25.50
Processing fee: $2.10

Why this time my total amount is $25.50 instead of $30 ??

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Thank you for your explanation guys :

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Yes, that is correct. I advertise my affiliate link daily, I have spent hundreds of dollars on advertising and YES, I have received hundreds of dollars for my work. The point is, I have brought THOUSANDS of dollars of SALES to Udimi. The percentage you pay to an affiliate is the cost of maybe not getting the job at all. And I spend a lot of my affiliate earnings BUYING SOLOS, so the money is staying in the group.

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@Antonio it is because someone bought a solo from you through an affiliate link. The difference is the affiliate's commission.