Forum Solo ads I ordered a solo ad for April 3 2015?

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I ordered a solo ad for April 3 2015 and it say's 81 hours left what does this mean? I wanted my ad to start on April 3 not day's later?

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This means your order should complete within these hour by solo seller. If he/she can't complete order within these period you can get refund your partial money which is not complete. I think you can now understand. If you have any question feel free to ask. Thanks

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I think udimi should upgrade the system so to be clear what is the server time and day

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Udimi's timezone is GMT+0, therefore your solo may start earlier or later depending on your timezone. For example, if your timezone is GMT+6, then your solo will start at 6am instead of 12am on April 3 2015.

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Usually the seller "has" to start the traffic as soon as possible and complete it in 100 hours. Did you get some clicks already?