Forum Solo ads Allow Udimi affiliates to promote me for 15% off the order total?

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Hi Guys,

I just found this option in the seller settings, I don't understand how it works exactly:

If I disable it, users registered with an affiliation link will be not able to find me in the sellers list?

Users that alraedy both for me with an affiliation lik will not be able to ifnd me anymore?

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Hi Gary, of course I understand your toughts. I think as well it would be strange, for this reason I asked for it.

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Hi, I buy solos here but I am also an affiliate. I would hope that anyone I signed up to UDIMI would not be able to use you unless you have the affiliate activated. If you disable it, and my referrals could still use you, then that wouldn't make much sense. What would be the point of me signing everyone up? Nothing personal, but if every seller could disable the affiliate option, then why would I bother bring business to UDIMI?

I would think that if you disable affiliate, then anyone that is my referral can't see you. I hope that is the case or I am losing a lot of money. As I said, nothing personal, I put a lot of work into promoting UDIMI and use most of the money I make here to buy solos for me or to pay for banners and ads to further promote UDIMI.

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Hi Josh, thank you for your reply, this is exactly what it means.

I would know what happen if I disable it.

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I'm pretty sure it just means that anyone can promote you (your solo) and get 15% of any sales you get, from their traffic.