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I is the short-link generated? What's the hash behind it.
Because I got a Swipe with a Link that is going to the wrong LP half the time.


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Hmm. That makes sense to a certain degree.

it is a Email Solo-Ad that would start from next THU on.

The second link has semantically nothing to do with the text of my email.

To me - and that is just my 2 ct - it seems it is a technical "problem" or "assumption" that the hash for the short-links is too weak, so that it can end up in two places.

Thx for sharing your thoughts.


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Martin Zwigl
Martin Zwigl on 10 Jul 2016 at 11:33

Miine:http://fca.....bizSecond:http://www.....il182/funnel Yep. Reproducible


Hi Martin,

My only question would be: Is it a recent order that would be starting later on?

Most sellers redirect the useless traffic filtered by Udimi to other personal offers so as not to waste those clicks.

I can say with certainty that until your solo is scheduled to start all clicks will be redirected so that you get your clicks for the date you requested it for.

Of course my main assumption is that the solo is not scheduled to start yet. Hope this helps, otherwise you will need to open a support ticket.

Happy Sunday!

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Yep. Reproducible