New features: Channels and orders from main page

New features: Channels and orders from main page
Uncle Dimitry
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Every seller has own chat channel. Potential buyers can ask a question directly from Seller’s profile / solo deal and get a quick answer. This will increase number of orders seller gets, because of personal touch and instant responses.

Recent channel history is saved, so the seller can respond to offline questions.

Channels can have unlimited users and can be used by sellers to easily broadcast promos and special offers to all channel participants.

To join a channel, just write any message in it. You can join as many channels as you wish. To leave a channel, just click Leave icon.

Main Udimi Channel

In addition to Seller channels, we created main Udimi channel to quickly discuss own questions with other members and get easy support from Udimi team. Main channel is available right on My page.

Main Page Ordering

We have improved main page to allow new visitors to order in pair clicks. This will increase sales our sellers get and commissions our affiliates earn.

Select sellers will be displayed on Udimi main page. This will give sales boost to the seller, because these visitors are not Udimi members yet and most likely they will order from selected seller.

It is easy to qualify for main page listing: you must have at least one “Got Sales” rating recently and be online at the moment of buyer’s visit.

Posted 6 Aug 2016 at 11:52
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